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Veltroni laments Grasso's PD exit (2)

Veltroni laments Grasso's PD exit (2)

Party designed for people like him, says former leader

27 Ottobre 2017

(see related) Rome, October 27 - Walter Veltroni, the former head of the Democratic Party (PD), on Friday lamented Pietro Grasso's decision to leave the centre-left group. "I'm sorry that Grasso has left the PD," Veltroni said on Twitter. "The Democratic Party was created and build for people like him. "Let's hope we can refind unity for out common values, which are different to those of the left and populism". Another senior PD figure, former president Gianni Cuperlo, also said it was a big blow to the party. "It's a defeat because when a figure with such as biography, history and background of civil and political commitment announced a decision like this, it is clear that we should all ask questions," Cuperlo said.


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