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'Mini Pompeii' found in Rome metro excavation (3)

'Mini Pompeii' found in Rome metro excavation (3)

Wooden ceiling, furniture, dog's skeleton

26 Giugno 2017

Rome, June 26 - Excavations conducted as part of work for the new C line of the Rome metro have uncovered Pompeii-like finds including a dog's skeleton in the capital, sources said Monday. The dig has unearthed two spaces dating to the middle of the imperial period which, due to a fire, feature well-conserved parts of a wooden ceiling and furniture. "The material is only conserved in exceptional environmental and climatic conditions, or after special events like those that took place at Herculaneum and Pompeii," said sources at Rome's special superintendency. "The discovery of a burned wooden ceiling is unique for the city". The excavation in via dell'Amba Aradam also found the skeleton of the dog, curled up in front of a door and "likely trapped inside the building at the time of the fire," sources said. A fine black and white mosaic floor was also found. "What makes this find resemble Pompeii is that we have evidence of a moment in history," said the special superintendent for the Colosseum and Rome's archaeological area, Francesco Prosperetti, "The fire that stopped life in this environment allows us to imagine life at a precise moment". Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi, who has sometime shalted work on the Metro C line, hailed the find. "Rome never ceases to amaze," she said in an English-language tweet. "From the metro worksite the latest marvel to arrive from the past," said the mayor.


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