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Dockers threaten huge disruption over Green Pass

Dockers threaten huge disruption over Green Pass

Most of Italy's ports will be blocked - Trieste spokesperson

13 Ottobre 2021

ROME, OCT 13 - A spokesperson for dockers in Trieste said Wednesday that activity at most of Italy's ports will be halted on Friday if the government presses ahead with its plan to make the Green Pass vaccine passport obligatory for all workplaces. There have been fears about disruption to supply chains in recent days due to the new obligation, especially in relation to Trieste, where a high proportion of port workers are reportedly not vaccinated for COVID-19. "The only opening possible for us is to remove the Green Pass," Stefano Puzzer, a spokesperson for the Trieste port workers, told the Huffington Post. "Friday's blockade (in Trieste) is confirmed and today there will be surprises because it won't stop just with Trieste. "It won't stop with Genoa either, almost all of Italy's ports will stop. We'll have confirmation tonight". The Green Pass, which shows that a person is vaccinated for COVID-19, has recovered from it or has tested negative in the last few days, will be obligatory for all Italian workplaces as of Friday. The interior ministry seemed to seek to defuse the row on Tuesday, with a circular letter that said employers at key facilities such as ports could offer free swabs to workers to enable those opposed to vaccination to obtain the Green Pass. This caused controversy, with Labour Minister Andrea Orlando saying COVID tests should not be free as this lessens the incentive to get vaccinated. The company that runs the port of Palermo has said it will not pay for its workers to be tested for the coronavirus. Some port companies in Genoa, however, are set to foot the bill for the tests. (ANSA).


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