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Muti's Italian Opera Academy back in Ravenna

Muti's Italian Opera Academy back in Ravenna

Mozart's Marriage of Figaro rehearsals and concerts 20/7 to 2/8

18 Luglio 2019

Ravenna, July 18 - From 20 July to 2 August, the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy in Ravenna will be holding rehearsals and concerts open to the public of "The Marriage of Figaro". "Today the world rushes by, but time is needed for opera: to study and rigorously analyse the musical scores; understand and convey to the orchestra and singers the personality and evolution of the characters, as well as the composer's intentions; and to try the vocal and instrumental parts together several times, calibrating the drama and musical balances," Riccardo Muti said on what is the necessary practice to protect and hand down the heritage of Italian opera. These are also the principles that the Italian Opera Academy is based on. From July 20 until August 2, Ravenna's Teatro Alighieri will open to fans, students and musicians for an intense period of study on Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro", from the presentation of the plan on July 20 to the rehearsals with the orchestra and singers, to the July 31 and August 2 concerts. On the podium and piano, under Muti's wing, young conductors and maestros will alternate who have been selected from among hundreds of applications from around the world.


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