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Insetti sul fiume Tisza

Insetti sul fiume Tisza

epa06036720 Freshly hatched mayflies or ephemeras (Palingenia longicauda) fly above River Tisza near Nagykoru, 127 kms east of Budapest, Hungary, 18 June 2017 (issued 19 June 2017). Mayflies are water insects; the females drop their eggs into the water, the nymphs or naiads spend three years on the bottom of the river before they emerge to the surface. Every year from late spring to early summer a natural spectacle called 'Tisza blooming' happens on the surface of River Tisza as the adult insects moult their larva skins. The adult insects take flight, swarming in huge clouds, make their wedding dance and after mating females lay eggs on the river's surface then both sexes perish in just a few hours. EPA/JANOS BUGANY HUNGARY OUT

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