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Il cimitero delle Fontanelle a Napoli

Il cimitero delle Fontanelle a Napoli

Skulls and bones in the Fontanelle cemetery in Naples, southern Italy, 31 October 2016. The Fontanelle cemetery is the epicenter of what is known as "The Neapolitan Cult of the Dead," or "The Neapolitan Skull Cult." It is a vast underground ossuary located in a cave in the tuff hillside at the heart of the Sanità quarter, once used to bury the corpses of people for whom there was no room in the public graves at the churches within the city. Before long it become a place of popular worship and the focal point for various rites, legends and tales of miracles. The anonymous bones are the object of great devotion and have always been referred to by the Neapolitans as the anime 'pezzentelle', or 'little wretches', thus creating a link between the living and the dead. ANSA/CESARE ABBATE

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