Domenica 21 Gennaio 2018 | 11:53

Delfini in esibizione nel delfinario di Varna

Delfini in esibizione nel delfinario di Varna

epa05483023 Dolphins perform during a show at the Dolphinarium in the town of Varna some 400km from Sofia, Bulgaria, 14 August 2016. The only dolphinarium not only in Bulgaria but in the Balkans was opened on 11 August 1984. Dolphins first arrived in Varna in 1984 from a Cuban dolphinarium. The Tursiops truncatus dolphins originated from the waters of Guatemala. At present, there are 5 dolphins, 2 males and 3 females. Some of them were born in Festa Dolphinarium. Births of dolphins in an artificial environment are rare, but at Festa Dolphinarium, the births were normal practice. EPA/VASSIL DONEV

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