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Chiesa a forma di scarpa a Chiayi, in Taiwan

Chiesa a forma di scarpa a Chiayi, in Taiwan

38751 A picture made available on 24 July 2016 shows people visiting the High-Heeled Shoe Church in Chiayi, western Taiwan, 23 July 2016. The church, costing around 686,000 US dollars, is made with 320 pieces of blue glass and measures around 17 meters tall, 11 meters wide, 25 meters long. The Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration built it as one of its four church-themed landmarks, to commemorate a woman who had her feet amputated during the 1950s due to Blackfoot disease (BFD) and could not walk down the aisle in high-heels for her wedding. The glass slipper church was formally opened to public on 22 July. EPA/DAVID CHANG

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