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Vietnam,secchi di plastica possono produrre energia eolica

Vietnam,secchi di plastica possono produrre energia eolica

epa05432840 (02/14) A general view of a wind power system made from plastic buckets at a floating village in Tay Ho District, in Hanoi, Vietnam, 18 July 2016. The village is home to 14 families who earn a living by collecting scraps or trading pottery. They used to spend around 10 US dollar for electricity expense monthly, a considerable amount for those who live in slums along the Red River. Earlier this June, an interior architecture company in collaboration with Plan International Vietnam, a humanitarian organization, and some other donors started to install a wind power systems made from plastic buckets in order to reduce costs. Though the output generated is small, it is enough to generate electricity to light a boat up to four hours during the dark, depending on the wind speed. 'If the system could generate more power to use electric fans and light up the boat longer, we could save our monthly spending,' said Thao, a resident of the village. EPA/LUONG THAI LINH

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