Venerdì 18 Agosto 2017 | 03:07

Germania: Kassel, conferenza stampa su 'Girocard City'

Germania: Kassel, conferenza stampa su 'Girocard City'

pa05268912 A prototype of the 'Girocard City' can be seen next to blue rubber ducks at a press conference in Kassel, Germany, 20 April 2016. Contactless paying and other innovations related to the giro card will be soon be tested incentral German city of Kassel. Before such innovations are implemented throughout Germany, the German credit services sector is testing the suitability of the functions for daily use. The card can be used in the city to pay contactless sums amounting to 25 euro, while sums amounting to more than 25 euro will require a PIN-number. EPA/UWE ZUCCHI

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