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Costruisce casa su albero nella periferia di Pirot, Serbia

Costruisce casa su albero nella periferia di Pirot, Serbia

epa05237379 A picture dated 30 March 2016 shows Panta Petrovic, aged 65, wearing traditional Serbian attire, climbing up his tree-house in the suburbs of the south-eastern Serbian town of Pirot, 350 kilometers from Belgrade. Until the 1990s, Perovic worked in France as a mechanical technician with overseas cargo ships but decided to return to Serbia after spending 18 years abroad. Life in Serbia was hard during the 1990s, a time during which the Yugoslav wars started. Some ten years ago Perovic, who had trouble finding his way, decided to leave his family home in Pirot and moved to the suburbs, where he built his tree house at a height of about eight meters. He lives on a small pension from his work years in France. He keeps goats, cats, chicken, and even a wild boar on his farm, which can move freely on his estate. Although residents of Pirot come to visit him from time to time, Perovic suffers from loneliness which he fights by caring for the animals and decorating his farm. EPA/DJORDJE SAVIC

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