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Norcia quake centre impounded, Boeri, mayor probed (2)

Not temporary but permanent say police

Norcia quake centre impounded, Boeri, mayor probed (2)

Norcia, March 13 - A post-quake living centre in the quake-hit central Italian city of Norcia was impounded on Tuesday after investigators said it was permanent and not temporary in nature. The centre was designed by top architect Stefano Boeri. Boeri has been placed under investigation in the probe along with Norcia Mayor Nicola Alemanno. "It's a huge misunderstanding," said Boeri. "My conscience is clear," he said, saying he was "without words" over the probe. "I don't know how they can say it is not temporary. It is easy to disassemble and completely reassemble, including the plant". Alemanno is already under investigation for another so-called 'polyvalent' centre. Norcia was badly damaged by two quakes in August and October 2016.

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