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Never in govt with centre right - Lorenzin (4)

Especially not with League

Never in govt with centre right - Lorenzin (4)

Rome, February 19 - Popular Civic (CP) leader and Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin told a Facebook-ANSA live forum Monday that her centre-left alliance, led by the Democratic Party (PD), would never govern with the centre right. "Above all," she said, "there can be no possibility of ruling with" the anti-migrant and Euroskeptic League of Matteo Salvini. "No, I made a rather clear choice five years ago when I left (ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia) FI where I had campaigned since I was a girl, because it was no longer the same and the decision to bring down the Letta government would spell instability for the country. We were right," she said. Lorenzin said that "in my view Berlusconi's mistake was to back an electoral law that only rewards the League, and we can see the fruits" of that. She said "an electoral campaign appealing to gut instincts and anger and not based on love creates problems".

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