Giovedì 22 Febbraio 2018 | 20:03

Puerto Maldonado

Duty to talk to native peoples says pope (3)

No more exclusion says in Peru

Duty to talk to native peoples says pope (3)

Puerto Maldonado, January 19 - Pope Francis said in this Peruvian city Friday that it is a duty to talk to native peoples and there should be no more exclusion of them. "It is essential to make efforts to give life to institutional spaces of respect, recognition and dialogue with native peoples," the pontiff said. "We must reclaim culture, language, traditions, rights and spirituality which are their own," he said. Francis said "recognition and dialogue will be the best way to transform the old relations marked by exclusion and discrimination". He said intercultural dialogue would take place "in which you (native people) can be the principal interlocutors, above all at a time when major projects regarding your territory go ahead".

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