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Foreign policy shd be tool for sharing - Mattarella (3)

No 'simplistic' solutions for migrants

Foreign policy shd be tool for sharing - Mattarella (3)

Rome, December 15 - President Sergio Mattarella told the diplomatic corps Friday that Italy's foreign policy should be a tool for building "ever more shared and convenient spaces between peoples". Mattarella told the diplomatic corps that Italy would back an EU that brought peace and integration. He also said that there were no "simplistic solutions" to the migrant crisis and urged the opening of "safe channels" for migration. Mattarella added that an "educational effort" was needed against terrorism. He also said climate change posed a growing threat and the commitment "of all" was needed to combat it. In other remarks, the head of State said that he welcomed the reorganisation of Italy's troubled banking sector. He stressed its essential role in supporting the country's "productive apparatus". Mattarella also called for a "solid alliance" against violent parties amid an upsurge in neo-Fascist initimidation in Italy. The far-right Forza Nuova group and the neo-Fascist CasaPound group have grabbed headlines lately.

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