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Italy agst US choice on Jerusalem - Alfano (2)

Two-state solution only one possible

Italy agst US choice on Jerusalem - Alfano (2)

Rome, December 6 - Italy is against the US "choice" to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said he told US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Wednesday. "I personally told Rex Tillerson that we are concerned", Alfano told the Porta a Porta TV show on a Washington meeting. Saying Italy had not been consulted, Alfano said "we do not intend to go back from the only solution that history has handed down as possible, the two-state solution". Alfano went on to say that "we are awaiting Trump's speech and we hope he reiterates the two-state solution". He stressed "the status of Jerusalem must be entrusted to a negotiation between the parties".

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