Domenica 25 Marzo 2018 | 07:35

Reggio Emilia

Man injured after attack by 6 German shepherd dogs

Animals brought through fence of neighbours house

Man injured after attack by 6 German shepherd dogs

Reggio Emilia, December 6 - A 36-year-man residing in Fosfondo di Correggio, in the northern province of Reggio Emilia, required hospital treatment after being attacked by a pack of German shepherd dogs who broke through the fence from a neighbour's home, La Gazzetta di Reggio reported Wednesday. The attack took place on Friday when the victim went out of his house to throw away trash, the local daily reported. He was reportedly knocked down, dragged on the floor and bitten on his legs and arms before someone fended off the animals with a broom stick. The man intends to file a complaint and the local public veterinary authorities have been informed.

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