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Tension high in Ostia before runoff, PD club torched

Rome district set to elect new head of Rome municipality

Tension high in Ostia before runoff, PD club torched

Rome, November 17 - The club of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD) in the Rome seaside district of Ostia was set alight overnight, PD Senator Stefano Esposito said on Friday. Tension is high in the district ahead of Sunday's runoff to decide on the new head of the municipal authority. The PD failed to make the runoff after its candidate came third in the first round earlier this month behind the candidates of the centre right and the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement. Ostia is electing a new municipal government after the previous one was dissolved due to mafia infiltration. "Yesterday there was a wonderful anti-mafia rally," Esposito said via Twitter. "Last night they set alight the door of the PD club in Ostia". Last week Roberto Spada, a suspected member of a criminal clan in Ostia, brutally attacked a RAI journalist when asked about suspected links between the mob and the far-right CasaPound party, which did well in the first round of voting.

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