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Smog-hit Turin blocks Euro 5 cars (2)

'Blanket' of fog in Po Valley - CNR

Smog-hit Turin blocks Euro 5 cars (2)

Turin, October 20 - Turin city council on Friday extended its Staurday ban on car traffic to Euro 5 diesel cars, environment chief Alberto Unia said. "On the basis of the PM10 data from the last few days, we have decided to carry on and go to the second level," he said. "We will monitor the situation at the weekend, and if the data fall we will weigh whether to rethink the blocks already on Monday". With the stoppage of the Euro 5 cars, around 250,000 cars have been banned from circulating. Experts said the values of fine-particulate pollution in the atmosphere had broken limits "on several occasions" in the past few days. Meanwhile the National Rsearch Council (CNR) said there is a blanket of fog on the Po Valley due to unseasonably warm temperatures. It said the blanket was due to a combination of "compacted pollutants" and a long lack of rain in the area.

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