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Soccer: Agnelli gets 1-yr ban in ticketing case (4)

Prosecutor to appeal for longer ban

Soccer: Agnelli gets 1-yr ban in ticketing case (4)

Rome, September 25 - An Italian Soccer Federation (FIGC) court on Monday banned Juventus President Andrea Agnelli for one year for improper contacts with ultra fans including a suspected member of the Calabria-based 'Ndrangheta mafia over ticket touting. Agnelli, 41, was found guilty of "endorsing, or in any case not preventing" illicit relations to keep hardcore fans happy by giving them tickets. FIGC Prosecutor Giuseppe Pecoraro, who had requested a 30-month ban, said he would appeal, saying the involvement of the mafia in the alleged touting was "extremely serious". Juventus was fined 300,000 euros. Pecoraro had also requested that the Italian champions be made to play two home matches behind closed doors, with their stadium's curva sud stand shut for another game on top. Agnelli, who was recently elected president of the European Club Association, has said he only met the allegedly Mob-linked ultra at meetings with groups of other supporters. The fan in question, alleged 'Ndrangheta member Rocco Dominello, has been convicted of ticket touting. In a trial into suspected 'Ndrangheta penetration of the Piedmont economy, prosecutors have asked a sentence of eight years for him, and 12 years for his father Saverio. The longest term, 17 years one month and 16 days, was asked for Diego Raso, a member of the so-called Santhia' branch of the Calabrian Mob. Total terms of 112 years have been requested in the 'North Piedmont' trial.

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