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Pope pays homage to Don Mazzolari

Francis then travels to pay respects to Milani

Pope pays homage to Don Mazzolari

Bozzolo, June 20 - Pope Francis on Tuesday arrived by helicopter in the province of Matua town of Bozzolo to pray at the tomb of Don Primo Mazzolari. Mazzolari was a partisan during World War II who, as a priest, worked to help the poor. The Argentine pontiff was greeted by Cremona Bishop Antonio Napolioni and Mayor Giuseppe Torchio and a chorus of bell ringing form the local churches. During the visit, Napolioni announced that the process to beatify Mazzolari will start on September 18. The pope then flew to Barbiana, near Florence, to pray at the tomb of Don Lorenzo Milani, who founded a school for the poor and workers. Both Mazzolari and Milani came under fire from the Church hierarchy for positions that at the time were considered rebellious.

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