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Iraqi arrested in terror probe (4)

'Preventive system worked' says Minniti

Iraqi arrested in terror probe (4)

Crotone, June 19 - A 29-year-old Iraqi asylum seeker was arrested for suspected terrorism Monday. Hussein Abss Hamyar is suspected of spreading pro-ISIS propaganda and instigating some inmates of the SPRAR asylum-seeker reception centre in Crotone to join the so-called Islamic State and carry out acts of violence. "There's no need to go to Iraq or Syria to wage jihad," he says in a wiretap, "you can stay in Italy to redeem the unfaithful, whose throats must be cut". Police found photos of police stations and police officers on his phone. "The system of prevention worked," said Interior Minister Marco Minniti, congratulating Calabrian police. Catanzaro Chief Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri said "we had to intervene because we believed the suspect posed a concrete flight risk. "We were afraid, as has already happened on other occasions, that the subject might leave Calabria to carry out a terrorist attack". Gratteri called the probe that led to Hamyar's arrest "an important investigation, the fruit of the incessant and careful work of the DIGOS security police in Crotone, of assistant prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri and prosecutor Paolo Petrolo. Gratteri said "we constantly monitored his movements and contacts, we saw him exult at the Machester attack on May 22. "His radicalisation had become increasingly dangerous," said the Catanzaro chief prosecutor, one of Italy's top anti-mafia and anti-terror investigators.

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