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Incorrect cellphone use causes cancer - court (3)

INAIL sentenced to compensate worker

Incorrect cellphone use causes cancer - court (3)

Turin, April 20 - An incorrect use of a cellphone can cause cancer, a court in the northwestern Italian city of Ivrea has said. In its ruling, the court sentenced work-accident compensation agency INAIL to pay a professional illness pension to a worker diagnosed with a tumour after using a cellphone without protection for three hours a day for 15 years. The tumour, benign but invalidating, was caused by the incorrect use of the cellphone, a judge ruled. The man's lawyer said "let's hope the sentence leads to a campaign to raise awareness, which doesn't yet exist in Italy". The man, 57-year-old Roberto Romeo, said "I don't want to demonise the use of the cellphone but I think it's necessary to use it with awareness". Romeo was said to work for a "major" Italian firm, which was not named.

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