Sabato 24 Febbraio 2018 | 17:18


OK to quick firings for clock-in cheats

Public-sector companies to be slashed too

OK to quick firings for clock-in cheats

Rome, February 17 - The government has OK'd quick firings for clock-in cheats after a stream of scandals across the country. The cabinet on Friday gave preliminary backing to two decrees presented by Civil Service Minister Marianna Madia reducing public sector companies and introducing quick firing procedures for those who clock in fraudulently and then go about their personal business. Italy has seen a string of scandals, as well as probes, into clock-in cheats all over the country in recent years. Public-sector companies that generate insufficient turnover will be eliminated under the decree. The provisions aim to correct existing measures already in force in light of last November's Constitutional court ruling knocking down part of an earlier civil service reform on grounds regional consent is required.

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