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Renzi has turned PD into 'Renzi's Party' - rivals (2)

Will meet in Rome theatre Saturday to offer alternative

Renzi has turned PD into 'Renzi's Party' - rivals (2)

Rome, February 15 - Democratic Party (PD) leader and ex-premier Matteo Renzi has turned the PD into "Renzi's Party" after forcing through a majority motion against a dissenting minority at this week's directorate, his three minority rivals for the leadership said in a joint statement Wednesday. Tuscany Governor Enrico Rossi, Puglia Governor Michele Emiliano and former PD House Whip Roberto Speranza said "the directorate sanctioned the transformation of the PD into Renzi's Party, a personal and 'leader-ist' party". They said they would meet supporters at Rome's Teatro Vittoria on Saturday to "construct a joint political action" to offer a cogent alternative to Renzi's allegedly personalise vision of the party. One of their key demands was that Premier Paolo Gentiloni should be allowed to serve until the natural end of the legislative term, in February 2018. photo: Rossi (R) and Emiliano

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