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Fresh migrant inflow into Italy - Frontex (2)

Working with Italy on repatriations - Leggeri

Fresh migrant inflow into Italy - Frontex (2)

(refiling with correct take number) Brussels, February 15 - Frontex chief Fabrice Leggeri told ANSA Wednesday it was "realistic" to expect the same number of arrivals of migrants on the central Mediterranean this year as last, some 180,000. He said that, aside from talks with African nations, Frontex was working in the short term on boosting registration in hotpots and increasing repatriation. Noting that at least 60% of migrants arriving in Italy were economic ones, Leggeri said "we must be ready in the hotspots, for screening and identification, so as to obtain the evidence for the 'laissez passer' and travel documents in non-EU consulates, for their return to countries of origin. We are working with Italy on this".

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