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Seven in 10 Italians drive to work, says Istat

Statistics agency looks at lifestyle trends

Seven in 10 Italians drive to work, says Istat

Rome, December 29 - Nearly seven in 10 Italians drive to work each day, Istat national statistics agency said in its annual report on lifestyle trends out Tuesday. Istat said divorces and separations totaled 161,610 in 2013, a 6.3% increase compared to 2012. Consensual separations rose 8.2% and constitute 43.3% of separations. As well, Istat said 71.2% of Italians own their homes and about one in five families (19.3%) have a mortgage, based on 2014 data. The report said only 18.7% of Italians rent, but the percentage varies by territory and is nearly double in the country's northwest compared to the islands. Meanwhile, the research showed that 67.2% of Italians continue to consider lunch the most important meal of the day, and a full 73.4% eat lunch at home. The country's south and islands host the highest percentage of Italians who still eat lunch at home - a full 83.5% and 83.9%, respectively - while the percentage is lower in the central (69.3%), northwest (65.5%) and northeast areas (70.3%). In terms of those who eat an "adequate" breakfast (more than simply coffee or tea), the percentage in 2015 increased 1.7%, to 81.2% overall.

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