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Iraq on right track to eradicating ISIS - Gentiloni (3)

Ramadi victory 'tangible proof of Iraqi soldiers' worth'

Iraq on right track to eradicating ISIS - Gentiloni (3)

Rome, December 29 - Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said Tuesday that "the defeat of Daesh (ISIS) in Ramadi represents an important success" of Iraqi forces and the coalition in which "Italy plays a front-line role" and that is "further confirmation that Iraq is on the right track in the fight to eradicate the so-called Islamic State". He said that "this important result is a tangible demonstration of the valour of the Iraqi soldiers and people and the fruitful cooperation between Iraq and the members of the anti-Daesh coalition, in which Italy plays a front-line role that is reaping widespread appreciation". Gentiloni vowed to "support the Iraqi government until it has restored peace and stability to the country".

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