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Baby dies after birth in extreme poverty in Sardinia

Home birth with no light, running water

Baby dies after birth in extreme poverty in Sardinia

Sassari, January 8 - A 30-year-old woman was in hospital Friday after giving birth in unsanitary conditions at her home in Sardinia in an incident that has shone light on cases of extreme poverty. The woman, whose story was revealed in Sardinian local paper La Nuova Sardegna, delivered the child in a bath without running water or electricity on January 6. Paramedics were called to the house in the village of Santa Maria Coghinas in Sassari province, but the child was found already dead. The mother, who lives with her 30-year-old partner, was taken to hospital by helicopter. Speaking to ANSA, the woman's father, Giancarlo Gaspa, said he did not know his daughter was pregnant. "My sister called me after she'd been contacted by a friend," he said. "She told me I had to hurry to my daughter's house because she was giving birth. "It was a complete shock, I didn't know anything about it." Social services said they were "angry" that no one had informed them of the couple's desperate situation. "We are saddened by this dramatic death," said Barbara Cuccureddu, who works for Santa Maria Coghinas social services. "But above all we are angry because no one told us about this situation." "If we had known about this pregnancy, we could have offered them all the support they needed."

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