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Body exhumed in 14-year-old cold case

Arianna Zardi, 25, turned up dead under a bridge in 2001

Body exhumed in 14-year-old cold case

Cremona, January 8 - Prosecutors on Friday exhumed the body of Arianna Zardi, 25, who turned up dead under a bridge in the Cremona area in October 2001. The young woman, who lived with her mother, had disappeared 48 hours before her body was found 10 kilometers from her home in a village near the town of Casalmaggiore. The coroner at the time found the young woman's injuries to be consistent with a fall, but did not say whether it was accidental, a suicide, or murder. Investigators looked at several suspects but no one was ever charged. Among the suspects was Gerardo Salandra, who was 17 years old at the time. He ran with the same crowd as Zardi, and was found in possession of her cell phone and other items from her purse after her death. He was arrested on charges of murder with intent to commit robbery, but a judge subsequently ordered him released for lack of evidence. In 2011 prosecutors investigated another three suspects - all of them minors at the time of the incident - who were asked to give DNA samples for comparison to traces found on Zardi's body. Brescia prosecutors have now ordered the cold case reopened, and Zardi's remains to be examined with new technology that could shed light on her death 14 years ago.

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