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Man kills himself in traffic chaos after argument with wife

Abandons wife at side of road, steals van, slams into truck

Man kills himself in traffic chaos after argument with wife

Ancona, January 7 - An Italian man who argued with his wife while driving abandoned her by the side of the road, then caused an accident with another car, punched a van driver who stopped to help, stole his vehicle and slammed into a truck, killing himself. Moreno Mammoli, 41, was travelling in a Renault along the SS 76 highway between Ancona on the eastern coast of Italy and Rome when the incidents took place. He left his wife at a lay-by following an argument, shouting "I'm going to kill myself" as he drove off, according to her account. Shortly after he had an accident with another car, whose driver was injured but not seriously. When a driver of a Citroen van stopped to help, Mammoli punched him in the face and stole his van. He then drove the van into the path of an oncoming truck. Mammoli died instantly, while the truck driver was uninjured. Police are interrogating witnesses of the scenes.

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