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Rain boots in a rainbow of colors this season

New from Crocs, Havaianas, Colors of California, Desigual

Rain boots in a rainbow of colors this season

Rome, January 7 - This winter, there's a rainbow of colors for classic rubber rain boots, which have become a must-have accessory in women's fashion including the latest trends in their design. The range of choices is much wider and in addition to classic brands like Burberry, many other labels have designs on the market this year. The leading brand in rain boots is the English company Hunter, which has offered similar models with new colors and details every season since 1956. This season, for example, the company is offering women's boots in hot pink, purple, yellow and red. For men there's the classic black or the more fashion-forward military green, all with the Hunter logo clearly visible on the front top of the boot. There are also leather models, although those are less suitable in heavy rain. Crocs, known for its rubber sandals with holes, this season launches its new "Jaunt Graphic" waterproof ankle boots, which are colorful, light, and essential accessories for a rainy day. Crocs is also offering the Jaunt Shorty Boot, a unisex low boot available in black and blue that's easy to wear both with pants and skirts, characterised by the crocodile logo and a round hole in the on the side. Colors of California - the brand of rain boots often worn at music festivals by celebrities and trend starters - this season is offering a sort of chromotherapy against the seasonal blues, with its new collections and colors. Its boots are available in Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year, rose quartz, along with a "funky rain" polka-dot design also available in pink. Cafè Noir has reinvented the Chelsea boot made famous by the Beatles in the 60s, adding glamourous details like patent leather, or a more attention-grabbing version with English-style perforations and a special laminated effect in front, in three color variations. It's an authentic British style combined with modern touches that give life to a boot that enhances any look. Desigual also included rain boots as must-have accessories in its collection, with its typical multicolor prints. Karina, Leopard, and Everybody are the three models, in shades of blue, burgundy and black, respectively. A high fashion choice is found in Burberry with its typical tartan pattern, and Alviero Martino 1A Classe offers boots in its traditional "Geo" motif. Brazilian brand Havaianas, famous for its flip-flops, is offering various boots this season: Helios Mid with contrasting sole and borders, Helios knee boots, along with single-color models and Aqua Rain, with a thick color-striped sole.

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