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Online Xmas shoppers 'preferred handmade objects' says CNA

Home furnishings, food, fashion

Online Xmas shoppers 'preferred handmade objects' says CNA

Rome, January 7 - Online Christmas shoppers preferred handmade goods in 2015, the National Artisans' Confederation (CNA) said Thursday. Home furnishings topped the list of online purchases by Italians over Christmas, followed by food products and fashion accessories. On the food front, Italians showed a clear preference for artisanal pasta, followed by oil, coffee, cheese and quality salamis. Sales of objects for the home rose by 13% over last year, food products by 10% and accessories by 6-7%, with special attention given to Made in Italy products. Buyers preferred "hand-made objects and products, made (by craftsmen) with knowledge, taste, skill, love and passion for their work", CNA said. Consumers also shopped online in unprecedented numbers, the association said.

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