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Four more convicted in Capital Mafia case

Ex cooperative managers convicted of graft

Four more convicted in Capital Mafia case

(see previous). Rome, January 7 - Four former managers of the Rome-based Catholic-inspired cooperative La Cascina were convicted of corruption after plea-bargaining in the Capital Mafia case Thursday. Preliminary hearings judge Alessandra Boffi rubber-stamped terms ranging from two years and eight months to two years and six months for Francesco Ferrara, Domenico Cammisa, Salvatore Menolascina and Carmelo Parabita. The four had been accused of corruption involving one of the kingpins of the vast graft scandal, Luca Odevaine, former member of the national panel of coordination for receiving refugees and asylum-seekers. The case involved bloated contracts at a huge migrant centre (CARA) at Mineo in Sicily.

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