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November unemployment at 3-yr low of 11.3% says Istat (2)

Full-time contracts up, temp jobs down

Rome, January 7 - November 2015 unemployment hit a three-year low of 11.3%, according to preliminary labor market data from Istat national statistics agency out Thursday. There were 2.871 million people looking for work, down 48,000 over October and by 479,000 people over November 2014. The positive November employment data was due to an increase in permanent full-time jobs and a decrease in temporary work contracts, Istat said. Permanent work contracts grew by 40,000 units (0.3%) while temp contracts dropped by 32,000 (-1.3%) over October. Full-time jobs grew by 141,000 and temp jobs added 106,000 on a yearly basis, Istat said.

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