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Civil service reform to include 'districts' (3)

Enabling decree separates functions of management and control

Civil service reform to include 'districts' (3)

Rome, January 4 - A draft enabling decree to the civil service reform law would institute districts for local public services, sources said Monday. The aim is to allow for "economies of scale" and "maximum efficiency", the sources said. The draft decree would also establish an observatory to monitor local public services that are of general interest. In addition, it would introduce public consultation on local public services in order to verify the suitability of the market to meet public interest needs. The draft enabling decree would also provide for a clear distinction between regulatory and management roles regarding appointments within local public services. "The functions of regulation, direction and control and those of management of public services of general economic interest are distinct and to be exercised separately," the draft reads. It also includes stricter rules on the management of public services by a single provider. "Special or exclusive rights are issued only for a limited period and cannot be renewed automatically," the draft reads. The draft enabling decree is expected to come before the cabinet, presented by Civil Service Minister Marianna Madia, for approval on January 15.

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