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December eurozone inflation stable at 0.2% (3)

Italy December inflation 'lowest since 1959'

December eurozone inflation stable at 0.2% (3)

Brussels, January 5 - December eurozone inflation was stable at 0.2% over the previous month, Eurostat statistic agency said Tuesday. Food, alcohol and tobacco prices were up 1.2% in December against +1.5% in November, services rose 1.1% against 1.2%, non-energy industrial goods were stable at 0.5% and energy prices dropped by 5.9% against -7.3% in November, according to Eurostat estimates. In Italy, average inflation slowed down for the third consecutive year, from +0.2% in 2014 to +0.1% last year, Italian statistics agency Istat said. The average 2015 inflation figure was the lowest since 1959, when inflation was at -0.4%, according to Istat.

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