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16 arrested in operation against 'Ndrangheta family

Suspects allegedly linked to Grande Aracri clan based in Crotone

16 arrested in operation against 'Ndrangheta family

Rome, January 4 - Police on Monday arrested 16 people including a lawyer, a mobster and his brother and a journalist on suspicion of belonging to or associating with the Grande Aracri 'Ndrangheta mafia clan operating out of the province of Crotone in Italy's southern Calabria region. Kingpin Nicolino Grande Aracri was among the suspects arrested in the blitz. Two other lawyers have been placed under investigation in the probe, which is being coordinated by anti-mafia prosecutors in Catanzaro. Approximately 100 Carabinieri police officers took part in the operation against the Grande Aracri family, which is alleged to have activities in four Calabrian provinces, Rome and the northern regions of Lombardy and Reggio Emilia. The suspects were arrested on suspicion of mafia association, extortion, usury and homicide, including the 2004 murder of an elderly mobster, Antonio Dragone, considered to be a key exponent of the 'Ndrangheta's 'old guard'. The lawyer is suspected of providing services to the clan and of tying to condition the outcome of cases before the Supreme Court of Cassation. "2016 begins under the banner of legality," said Democratic Party (PD) MP and member of the parliamentary antimafia commission Ernesto Magorno in a post to his Twitter account.

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