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Famiglia Cristiana slams foul-mouthed TV

'No curbs, no inhibitions' says after New Year's Eve oath

Famiglia Cristiana slams foul-mouthed TV

Rome, January 4 - Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana on Monday slammed foul-mouthed Italian TV after a blasphemous swear word found its way onto the nation's screens on New Year's Eve. The weekly said the oath, contained in an SMS message that slipped past monitors in a New Year party show on the flagship RAI 1 State-run channel, was not an isolated case. "The trouble is that not only that programme and not only that channel have problems in language and content," the top-selling weekly said in an editorial. "There are no curbs, no inhibitions, at any time, on all networks and all channels, even in the so-called 'protected timeframe' for children," it said.

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