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Renzi says economy 'restarted', 2016 growth to 'double'

'We are out of the quagmire of 2013'

Renzi says economy 'restarted', 2016 growth to 'double'

Rome, January 4 - Premier Matteo Renzi was quoted saying Monday Italy is 'out of the bog' of recession and predicted the rate of growth of Italian GDP will double in 2016 from 0.8% in 2015. "Italy has restarted, we are out of the quagmire of 2013," he said in an interview with La Stampa newspaper in which he commented on Eurostat data. "After years of grime, the climate decidedly has changed," Renzi said in the front page interview with the Turin daily. "I say 'are we joking?' We had three years of recession unknown in other countries. Think about our GDP - minus 2.3% with (Premier Mario) Monti, minus 1.9% with (Premier Enrico) Letta and with me minus 0.4% last year". "This year we grew by 0.8%, in 2016 we will do double".

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