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Checco Zalone comedy earns 22.2mn at weekend

Three million flock to watch recession-themed movie

Checco Zalone comedy earns 22.2mn at weekend

Rome, January 4 - As many as three million Italians flocked to cinemas to watch southern comic Checco Zalone's latest recession-themed movie 'Quo Vado' (Where Am I Going?), about people coming to terms with the end of lifetime civil service jobs, box office figures showed Monday. In three days the film, with its catchy title playing on the latin phrase "quo vadis" (where are you going?), rose to the top of week-end office standings with 22.2 million euros at 1,200 venues. Cinemas netted an average of 18,000 euros from the film, which was heavily promoted in advertising campaigns on national television. Among declared fans of the comedy are Premier Matteo Renzi, who said he laughed from beginning to end and poked fun at fickle critics who first panned the movie then ate their words.

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