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Women's pensions 6,000 euros less than men's says Istat (2)

Women made up 52.9% of pensioners in 2014

Women's pensions 6,000 euros less than men's says Istat (2)

Rome, January 4 - Women in 2014 made up over half or 52.9% of Italy's retirees and received yearly pensions that were 6,000 euros less than men's, Istat national statistics bureau said in a report on the living conditions of pensioners out Monday. Italy's 16.3 million pensioners received an average of 17,400 euros a year gross in 2014, Istat said. Men received 20,135 euros a year gross, while women got 14,283 euros. Educational levels make a difference in how much pension one ends up receiving, the agency said. "The pensions of those with a university degree (some 2,500 euros a month gross) is more than double that of people with little or no higher education (1,130 euros a month)," Istat said in its report. The average net pension income totals 1,140 euros a month or 13,647 euros a year, Istat said. Half of all pensioners get under 12,532 euros a year or 1,054 a month," the report said.

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