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Movie-inspired horoscope by Simon & the Stars for ANSA

Exclusive 2016 tips by top stargazer

Movie-inspired horoscope by Simon & the Stars for ANSA

Rome, December 31 - Here is a preview for ANSA of the movie-inspired 2016 horoscope tips for each zodiac sign by Simon & the Stars. ARIES - As in The Wizard of Oz, let the fear and pressure go! You have to be in charge, get rid of performance anxiety and get behind the wheel in 2016 to make your own choices. You have to pick the route and take all credit for your success as well as take responsibility if things don't go as you had hoped for. TAURUS - As in Pretty Woman, others have often proven your worth over the past few years - in your job, commitments and contracts, or in sentimental relationships. As of next year, your personal value will no longer be recognized by an "exchange" with others but will emerge through stronger self-awareness and a more focused sense of identity. This is the most favored sign of 2016, both in terms of job prospects and love! GEMINI - Like in Karate Kid, discipline and concentration will be the "weapons" to win your "match". At stake is an important turning point in your career and love life implying promotions or plans as a couple that will multiply your commitments and responsibility but can really make you "grow". CANCER - You can discover, as Les Choristes, the ability to observe things around you and understand their inner beauty and poetry. Creativity, determination and initiative are emerging after a few years spent sustaining difficulties, uncertainty and a sense of surrender. LEO - As in Rocky, after three years of exhausting training and trials in patience and determination, this is the time to get in the boxing ring and conquer the trophy. The year 2016 will see a Leo 2.0 - grounded, with a concrete and realistic vision and able to go far with a constant tread. This will be the best year since 2011! VIRGO - As in A Room with a View, once the confines of habit, the voice of reason and rigor go out of the window, a new breathtaking view will present itself with at its center creativity. Jupiter in your sign sparks determination and pluck while Saturn pushes you to work on renewed self-assurance and to bring order and harmony in the home. LIBRA - As in Billy Elliot, after years of crises, struggles and waiting, you will wrap up a phase you have constructed to savor the applause that comes from it. After years during which you were leaning towards the "things" of others - first and foremost your partner's projects - you will be able to rebalance the scale and put at the center your "things" and projects that are most dear to you. SCORPIO - As in The Others - nothing is as it seems if you change perspective. Once you remove fear and find a permanent center of gravity focusing around your inner self and not the outside world, you can start building. After three years with Saturn in your sign, you can make a fresh start to welcome all that is new in this 2016 of renewal. SAGITTARIUS - As in The Truman Show, this is the time to realize that over the past three years you have perhaps exceeded with trust and generosity. You have to realize that when there is a burnt odor in the air, perhaps something is really burning. You have ignored the clues over the last few years and someone has taken advantage of that. Now the time has come to set things right, to take back what belongs to you and to return what you don't deserve. This will be a year of work and tests that will truly enable you to grow. CAPRICORN - As in The Theory of Everything, 2016 will give you back the ability to work on a major project. Things have been more difficult since 2008. Those who have woken up in a life that they felt did not fully belong to them, have started climbing towards their personal peak. After seven years of hard work, 2016 is the first year with stars in your favor and wind in your sails that will enable you to turn over a new leaf and sail towards projects often linked to something abroad. AQUARIUS - As in Mr. Nobody, after living for three years "divided" within the thousands of refractions of your talent, the time has come for a "reunification" in a new life where a new image comes to life, like in a puzzle. This image will be more focused, enabling you to finally enjoy the fruit of your labor and satisfaction of the past three years spent under the severe scrutiny of Saturn. PISCES - As in Into the Wild, you have been "lost" for three years in your vast potential and emotional creativity. The last leg of this extraordinary journey will take place within you, where you will find your destination: you will turn into the person you really want to be to enjoy a more satisfying and focused life.

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