Sabato 20 Gennaio 2018 | 07:52

Vatican City

Pope Francis says television 'only shows ugly things'

Good things seem to bore viewers, pontiff says

Pope Francis says television 'only shows ugly things'

Vatican City - Television and newspapers seem to "show only ugly things" despite there being "so many saintly people in the world," who are not shown on the small screen, Pope Francis said Thursday. "There is this attraction to evil, it seems that people like watching bad things more than beautiful things," which "have no ratings or advertising," the pontiff said during an audience in the Vatican. "If you want to get a journalistic or television rating show only ugly things. With good things people get bored," Francis commented. "Why don't you see on television the cloistered nuns who pray for us all the time? Jewels and things that make for vanity are more interesting." "Don't allow ourselves to be deceived," the pope said, "there are ugly things in the world but also holy things".

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