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Vatican City

Pope Francis says his mother made him listen to opera

Pontiff said he could never sing himself

Pope Francis says his mother made him listen to opera

Vatican City, December 31 - Pope Francis said Thursday he has always liked music, ever since his mother made his family listen to opera on the radio in Argentina. "I have had the pleasure of listening to singing since I was a little boy, I like music so much," the pontiff said in an audience for members of the Pueri Cantores international choral association. "Mamma on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon made us sit in front of the radio to listen to broadcasts of opera and as a child I discovered the pleasure of hearing singing". "I could never sing but one of my grandfathers, who was a carpenter, sang always while he worked," the pope said. "Singing educates the soul, it is good for the soul". "For instance when mamma wanted to make the baby sleep she sang a lullaby and the baby became peaceful and fell asleep". "Saint Augustine had a very beautiful expression speaking of the joy of Christian life, 'Sing and Walk'."

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